Spatial Search

Open data platform with semantic search and real time GIS analysis

OSCity Search is an open spatial data platform that allows quick access to most of the OSCity database which contains most public datasets available for the Netherlands and much more. By simply typing in keywords the user can visualize, explore and export information on topology, real estate, demographics, amenities, networks and much more.

It is also equiped with semantic search capabilities that are able to transform natural language into GIS queries. Examples offices near water, supermarket with name Aldi, addresses with age < 30 

The platform is an invitation to explore the possibities of open data to help advance spatial planning. Thanks to the Creative Industries Fund NL and The New Institute this platform is entirely free to use. By registering extra features are available like export to Shapefile, Autocad DXF and PDF. 

You can access the Spatial Search platform directly from the OSCity homepage by using the  'spatial search' field in the left upper corner.