3Step Network Analysis

Analysis the connectivity of places within an urban network

Urban space consists of numerous locations connected by networks. Networks make sure that locations are accessible. From this accessibility follows the base for a specific location and its function. 

The model by Peter de Bois and Karen Buurmans called 3-step analysis offers a natural method of researching the way locations and netwerk are intertwined and determing the strength a location is attached to the network and other places.

Starting point of the method is the way people find their way to a target location as a series of choices (first left, go straight on and then second to the right). After three steps most people lose their way and ask a passer-by or consult their smartphone.

Thus the 3step method is a relatively simple type of network analysis in which one determines the streets from which a theoretical pedestrian can reach a location within 3 choices.

In collaboration with Peter de Bois and using the freely available netwerk data from NWB and Open Street Map a protoype was created. This online tool is able to calculate the 3-step network for every location in the Netherlands within one minute. The result can be saved to geoJSON en opened in QGIS.

3 step analysis