OSCity is founded in 2013 by Mark van der Net - architect, urban planner and programmer - and operates on the overlap between technology and culture, the urban and the virtual. We create webplatforms, interactive installations, social experiments, dashboards, research-projects; both commissioned and unsolicited.

With the open source movement as inspiration OSCity aims to open up urban knowledge and invites many others to collaborate in search of the urban planning of the future.

Mark also founded of The Hermit Houses with Daniel Venneman that explores mass-customization in architecture. Since 2018 he is technology lead of the CTO office of the municipality of Amsterdam where he mainly focuses on innovative processes and services within the public space.


T: 06 107 12489
E: info@oscity.nl

Partners (selection)

OSCity works with- and for a variety of government agencies, businesses, platforms and research institutes with a strong sense of common goals, engagement and transparency.

Media and events(selection)

Part of all work is an emphasis on transparency to make sure the exponential possibilities of technology are accompied by a public debate on the social merits and dangers.